Thesis Presentation











Three years of architecture school comes to a culmination with a one hour presentation. You spend countless hours in a 9 month period putting together a piece of creative work that should be beautiful and make a greater contribution to the ideas embodied in your profession and then have it critiqued by a couple of other professionals. After it is done you have officially graduated from architecture school. They give you a pat on the back, invite you to the commencement ceremonies, and let you know that your degree will arrive in the mail.

It all seemed a little anti-climatic, but the presentation went well, in some ways better than I expected and I could not have asked for anything more. I could not really tell whether my reviewers thought my project was any good or not, but my professor thought it was great, and the architecture department head happened to stop and compliment me on my work. At one point during my presentation a small crowd had even gathered to listen to the conversation that I was having with my reviewers about the merits of co-working and the sustainable design principles that I had applied to the project. Now the next big project is to find someone to pay me to do the work that I have spent three years paying for the opportunity to do.

It’s Been A While




Good evening. Before I review the events of the summer, I wanted to just say hello.

Sometimes I get caught up in looking into the future and thinking that the future will be wonderful that I am not completely happy now until Bobby graduates, we both get full-time jobs and make money, pay off student loans, fly across the pond or other life happenings. Not to say our trials aren’t in existence, but we are okay. I still look forward to the future but today I am happy for the past and present. It’s nice to remember that what/who I have around me are enough and that life is good.

Its been nearly three months since our last update and, boy, things have changed. Bobby graduated and we moved to Illinois. We are staying with my parents until we find an apartment in Chicago and jobs to pay that rent. It was a leap of faith to move out here without anything totally solid but it felt right, and I think it was the right choice.


Tassel is Worth the Hassle




Now that Bobby’s impending graduation is 14 days away and his thesis presentation is three days away I can’t help but remember his last graduation.

I have always been a fan of graduations the whole ceremony and the cap with the tassel (I would wear it all day if I could). I was excited to see Bobby receive his diploma. He was wearing his nice gray slacks and a white cufflink shirt. Can I say, stud?

This day was not only a graduation day, it was also our last date, or so I thought. The next morning he was going to drive away and start a new job in New Mexico. After the ceremony he asked if I would be okay with going to spend time with his family. I said yes, but my brain said, “Really? I kinda just want you all to myself before we say good-bye.”

Two hours passed by as we ate dinner and talked around the table. And eventually it came time for me to go home. And Char, his sister, blurted out, “Aren’t you just going to see him tomorrow?” Or something along those lines. I had to do a double take because I didn’t understand if she knew he was moving or if he wasn’t leaving for another day or what. I was really confused. Then members of the family started saying “way to go Char”, or “you just blew it”. I still didn’t get it.

Bobby wasn’t going anywhere. He accepted a job in Idaho Falls and was going to stay in town. I almost cried, because of how happy I was.

At that point we had been dating for six months, but now over four years later here we are with another graduation on our doorstep.